Microsoft sure can kill a good thing FolderShare

So, for years I have used the FolderShare applications a P2P program that can securely sync folders across  the internet.  It has some limitations but is still worked great. Then, Microsoft purchased and everyone was worried that they were going to kill the program. Luckily they did not kill it– at least not right away. They renamed the stupid thing about 3 maybe 4 times.

  • FolderShare
  • Live FolderShare
  • Live Sync
  • Live Mesh
  • (hope I didn’t miss one)

Each time they changed the name of the software you had to reinstall the software which was rather annoying.

Now they removed support for various operating system like Windows XP and some other server based operating system.

I logged into the program and was reviewing the new interface which forces you to use their cloud based storage service for the files that you want to share.  Which again, kinda sucks because it ruins the whole p2p aspect of the program.  On top of that it appears it did no migrate any of my old folders share were being shared from the last version of sync. This again, also sucks.

One more thing, they bundle the application with a ton of other crap, like messenger, photo  gallery, bing bar, writer, and some email client.  And even though you uncheck all the boxes that say don’t install this other stuff. It still installs all the crap anyways.  [rant] None of this stupid shit has anything to do with why you want this sharing application. Why not just bundle it in a windows update if you want it installed on everyones machine so bad. I already have outlook that I don’t use; why do I need another shitty email client? [/end rant]

It kinda sucks now that I can share documents with my friends that still are on windows XP for whatever reason.  Luckily there is other competition out there ready to take it’s place.

I ended up uninstalling the mesh and installed DropBox which appears to mimic many of the features without killing off support for your legacy users.