Uploading Giant GB Files with PHP regardless of limits

Attached is a java app that with a php script that will allow you setup a upload interface for very large files. Basically the java applets splits the file into many peices and submits them to a php file handler. At the end of the batch the php file just assembles them back together. No memory limit. No file upload limit.


Specify the upload folder in the split-chunk.php file.

//    specify upload directory – storage
//    for reconstructed uploaded files
$upload_dir = “/uploads/”;
//    specify stage directory – temporary storage
//    for uploaded partitions
$stage_dir = “/uploads/stage/”;

//    specify upload directory – storage     //    for reconstructed uploaded files    $upload_dir = “/uploads/”;
//    //    specify stage directory – temporary storage     //    for uploaded partitions    $stage_dir = “/uploads/stage/”;

From there set the upload applet paramaters in the upload_java.php file

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Monaco}

<param name=”uc_uploadUrl” value=”split_chunk.php”/>

<param name=”uc_partitionLength” value=”1048576″/>

<param name=”uc_maxFiles” value=”1″/>

<param name=”uc_fileNamePattern” value=”(?i)^.+.(cvs|txt|csv)$”>

<param name=”gc_loggingLevel” value=”DEBUG”/>

<param name=”ac_fireUploaderStatusChanged” value=”true”/>

uc_partitionLength = the max size your php server can handle or less.