AutoChimp WordPress plugin mod enable autoresponder

I have been testing out this plugin for wordpress called autochimp. “Version 1.00 | By Wanderer LLC Dev Team ”

Visit plugin site

It seems to be pretty fantastic.

One issue I noticed is that for mailchimp to utilize a autoresponder automatically from leads from this plugin you need to submit a date field or registration date field with the lead. Otherwise the aut oresponder just doesn’t work.

The mod is pretty simple. I created a field on the list then added a field to be sent automatically.

I am not sure if you have to do the first setup but I did and it worked so..

File 88-autochimp.php

Line 408

$merge_vars = array( ‘FNAME’=>$user_info->first_name, ‘LNAME’=>$user_info->last_name, ‘REGDATE’=>date(“Y-m-d”) );

Added the REGDATE line.

I am not sure if it works for sub sites on wordpress. If it doesn’t I attend to modify it so that sub blogs on the network can use it to sync their own mailchimp accounts.