Adding Ubuntu 11 to Windows 2008 R2 Domain

I found this video on youtube that had a great tutorial that made adding a ubuntu machine to 2008 domain a snap.

Step 1: install likewise add to domain

From the Ubuntu terminal perform the following tasks. Note replace with your domain name.

  • sudo apt-get install likewise-open5
  • sudo domainjoin-cli join administrator
  • sudo reboot

From there you can verify the machine is part of the domain by in to the domain controller and checking under computers (Figure 1)

Step 2: Modify samba to allow domain login

  • sudo apt-get install samba (not sure if this is required)
  • sudo nano /etc/samba/lwiauthd.conf
      • winbind use default domain = yes
  • sudo reboot
Samba authentication

Step 3: Modify super user doer file

  • sudo nano /etc/sudoers
  • add the under under ‘#Allow members of group sudo to execute any command’
    •\domain^admins ALL=(ALL) ALL

Step 4: Login as domain user now

  • “Other user”


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  1. This is also available for other distros

    For Centos 5.7 64 bit (others available at above link)
    Switch SELinux to permissive
    From root terminal



    Then complete the Step2 and Step3 from above.

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